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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Internships at amazing NGOs!!

Have you ever thought about volunteering and doing an internship at the same time?? It can be a great opportunity to help others and learn! Maybe even start a carrier!! Here are some options we selected for you!

Invisible Children:  Invisible Children is an amazing place to work. It's truly unique to work for a company where your motivation comes from a genuine belief in the mission and goals of the organization. They want their staff to be used to the best of their abilities and to live for what they feel they were made to do. The situation in Uganda is treated as an emergency, and our work ethic follows accordingly. Questions can be sent to jobs@invisiblechildren.com
Save the Children: Save the Children welcomes and encourages students, who are interested in helping making a difference in the lives of children in need, to support our work through internships.They have plenty internship opportunities.

United Nations Internships: To be part of the United Nations team as an internee is a great opportunity to put your knowledge in practice with current world problems, as well as getting to know people from different backgrounds and cultures, and also how the UN system works. Here you can check some testimonies from past and current internees.

All internships are UNPAID. Expenses connected with the internship, such as travel costs, travel arrangements, living accommodation, VISA, are the responsibility of the intern or the sponsoring institution. So the best way, in case you don't have the financial means, is to ask for a grants & sponsorships from your university.


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