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Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Dress at a Time...

This project shows how can one simple idea help the to change the world.

Three years ago, Rachel O'Neill started a project, "Little Dresses for Africa," in a church basement with five friends. Their initial plan was to sew 1,000 dresses using fabric from pillowcases and send them to needy girls. To date they've received and distributed more than 100,000 dresses, many of them much more intricately designed than the original pillowcase patterns they started with. And the dresses keep coming. [Source: NBC news]

Watch the VIDEO of this inspiring story!! And please leave us a comment with your thoughts about this kind of action.


Anonymous said...

It's so important for the mind health of those growing women... to be perceived as young individuals with dignity, confort and self confidence - that's priceless, and every help is welcome.

The main issue is the kind of help shown on this case: not just an ordinary money donation. Instead, those friends that sewed dresses by their own hands had donated something - in some aspects - more valuable: their time. Yes, I know "time is money", which could be misunderstood as "one or another does the same". Perhaps for those whose money spent wont be a problem: it wont deprive them of any significant wellness.

For the folks who receive it makes a diference. It means that "someone had spent their time - kids, fun, personal projects (See? Not just money.) - only to make this for me! Gee, i guess they really care! And if they really care, i'm worth and will dedicate myself to learn and also help."

Please understand, of course i'm not questioning the importance of the money donations: they prevent people from starving all around the world. I'm just saying i think the time-spend kind of help might be more fruitfull from a psychological perspective (especially to children). It humanizes the process and - by developing links between individuals (fair social relationships) - contribute to the assimilation that charity can be practiced with less trace of inferiority - often experienced by those receiving support. And this applies not only to Africa. The kind of help does not matter. Pick one in which you have skills.

p.s.: sorry for the bad english...

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